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Rules on the use of reading rooms during a pandemic

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The reading room of the Collegium Polonicum Library is open to users. We inform about opening hours on the library's website:

  • In order to maintain the spatial distance (at least 1.5 meters of distance and 15 m² per 1 user), the reading room of the Library may be used by a maximum of 50 users at a time.
  • The reading room should be entered individually. After entering the reading room, it is obligatory to disinfect hands with disinfectant and report visit to the librarian on duty. While staying in the area of the reading room, users should maintain a spatial distance (minimum 1.5 meters) and observe the rules of sanitary safety: have their noses and lips covered. The library does not provide protective masks to users.
  • The user using the collection in the reading room should work at one stand only. Before leaving the work place, a coloured sheet of paper provided at the library counter should be sticked on the table and the librarian on duty should be informed about the end of work and the need to disinfect the abandoned work place.
  • The exchange of air in the reading room takes place constantly, so we do not introduce a ventilation break.
  • We maintain the possibility of ordering media as part of a rental service. The media be picked up at the library counter without a necessity of having to enter the reading room. We inform about the details of how the lending library operates on the website:
  • We maintain the possibility to use the "Digital copy order" service. We inform about the conditions of sending electronic copies on the website: