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Governance of Organizations

Governance of Organizations

An innovative and interdisciplinary Bachelor‘s programme taught in English. The combination of three subject areas (General Organizational Skills, Legal Skills, Personal & Management Skills) allows you to acquire unique knowledge and skills in leading and managing of organizations, taking into account the highest norms and standards and the current challenges of a globalised world while respecting regional needs.

Organizations, whether public or private, operating in a global and digital world, are looking for employees with interdisciplinary substantive competences as well as equipped with a wide range of soft skills. The complexity of the processes taking place in the modern world means that the functioning of an organization cannot be assessed from the perspective of a single scientific discipline. The challenges identified require a move away from the usual patterns of teaching within a single discipline in favour of a multidisciplinary and multifaceted education. The new GOO Bachelor’s programme addresses these challenges and prepares graduates to work in different types of organizations or to continue their education in a Master‘s programme.

Key Facts

  • ACRONYM “GOO”: GOO is not just an acronym for Governance of Organizations. GOO with a double O means GO fast to the goal (your Bachelor’s degree), but do not forget how important the way is! Double OO also means double profit, which results from the location of the Collegium Polonicum on the border of both countries (Poland and Germany).
  • FUNDAMENTAL FORM: Full university bachelor (B.A.) by Adam Mickiewicz University (Faculty of Political Science and Journalism)
  • DURATION: 3 academic years = 6 semesters, incl. internship
  • LANGUAGE: English
  • PLACE OF STUDIES: Collegium Polonicum in Słubice and Frankfurt (Oder), on the Polish-German border
  • STUDY CONTENT: Combination of three subject areas: General Organizational Skills, Legal Skills, Personal & Management Skills
  • WHY STUDY GOO: Acquiring the GOO-B.A., the graduates can continue with:
    • GOO STUDY: Any chosen Master’s programme in Poland, Germany and abroad. Within the Personal & Management Skills strong foreign language program will be offered (mainly German and Polish) that will enable graduates to continue education either in German or Polish language.
    • GOO WORK: The program prepares graduates to start their professional career directly after the studies. All jobs requiring knowledge in governance and management of any kind of organizations will be suitable (ex. public institutions, private and state-owned companies, associations, NGOs, international organizations, EU institutions, other).




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