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Sanitary Guidelines Collegium Polonicum 2021/2022


1)     After entering the building, all people are required to:

·         sanitize their hands using disinfectants placed at the Collegium Polonicum main reception desk,

·         cover their mouth and nose with a mask

·         undergo body temperature measurement at the request of a porter or other person authorized by the manager.

2)     Only people without any symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection and people who are not designated to quarantine or home isolation are allowed to enter the building.

3)     In common areas of the building, people should cover their mouth and nose with a facial mask.

4)     In case of failure to comply with the rules, referred to in 1, the porter shall refuse entry into the building or shall request the person to leave.

5)     The facility manager shall provide:

·         marking of seats in common areas to ensure social distance (min. 1.5 m),

·         marking of entrances to the building and classrooms with information about the maximum number of people allowed to stay in the building and in classrooms at the same time,

·         dispensers with disinfectants should be placed at the entrances to the building, classrooms and bathrooms,

·         instructional charts should be displayed in visible locations:

-  How to wash and disinfect your hands (appendix 1 and 2),

-  How to put and remove gloves (appendix 3),

-  How to put and take off masks (appendix 4).

·         The building should be regularly aired and disinfected, in particular surfaces that are touched by people (handrails, door and window handles, desks and tables, light switches, etc.).

·         The isolation room in the building should be designated for people suspected of contracting COVID-19. It should be used while waiting for the ambulance, and to provide information about measures to isolate personnel working in the building.


1)                 Only people with no symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection (fever, cough, muscle pain) may participate in activities organized at Collegium Polonicum.

2)                 Except the teacher, students are required to cover their mouth and nose with a mask, pit is possible to keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meters between students.

3)                 Teachers and student should disinfect their hands before each class.

4)                 The teacher shall make an attendance list, including classes where attendance is not mandatory.

5)                 If the teacher recognises symptoms of the respiratory tract infection (especially temperature over 38ºC, cough, difficulty in breathing), he/she should immediately request a student to proceed to the physician. In the event of a sudden deterioration of student’s health (fainting, inability to leave the facility on his own), the teacher should isolate the student in a separate or designated room, ensure a minimum distance of 2 meters from other people, and call the ambulance (999 or 112). The teacher should inform the director of Collegium Polonicum or the manager of the facility immediately about the situation. Places visited by the sick person should be disinfected immediately.

6)                 In case the teacher shows symptoms referred to in point 5, the Director of Collegium Polonicum or the manager of the facility shall immediately discontinue his/her classes and send the teacher home by individual transport.

7)                 Disinfection should be performed each day after classes. Disinfection of the premises is carried out by the service personnel.

Collegium Polonicum Library

1)                 The Collegium Polonicum library provides free access to books for readers and people borrowing books. However, it is mandatory to wear a mask covering mouth and nose and disinfect hands before entering the building.

2)                 The maximum number of people allowed to stay in the reading room at the same time is 1 per 10 sq. m, excluding library staff. It is also necessary to keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meters to other people.

Events at the Collegium Polonicum conference centre

1)     The health guidelines that determine the organization of events at the Collegium Polonicum conference Centre correspond to both Polish and German hygiene standards.

2)     During the events, all appropriate measures should be applied to prevent the spread of coronavirus. This is to make events safe and efficient.

3)     According to current regulations, the number of participants allowed should not exceed the maximum permissible limit (75% of maximum occupancy, distance of 1.5 meters).

4)     Safety rules should be followed by all participants and guests.

5)     During events, it is necessary to cover mouth and nose, and maintain a social distance (1.5 meters).

6)     Event organizers are required to collect contact information from all participants to monitor infections. It includes: name, mobile phone number or e-mail.

7)     Only people with no symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection and people who are not in quarantine or in home isolation may attend events held at Colleguim Polonicum.


Director of Collegium Polonicum: dr Krzysztof Wojciechowski, tel.: 61 829 68 01

Facility Manager: inż. Wojciech Golubski, tel.: 601 747 638