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Master of English and Multicultural Communication in Europe is a new, international, interdisciplinary MA program offered by the Faculty of English of Adam Mickiewicz University and lecturers from Viadrina European University. All courses of the four-semester program will be held in English in Collegium Polonicum in Słubice – a town clearly reflecting the program’s transnational character. Undergraduate students can enroll in the program following an interview in English with their prospective MA supervisor.

The program includes intensive English language classes and seminars, tutorials and lectures in communication theory and practice and in various areas of European studies. On completion of the program students will be acquire high levels of English skills and gain a comprehensive knowledge of European culture, societies, integration processes and EU policies and institutions. Furthermore, students will be able to understand and analyze communication processes in the contemporary European institutions and media. The degree in English and Multicultural Communication in Europe equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary to seek employment in the EU market in the media, publishing, NGOs, social and cultural institutions and all other services and professions requiring an advanced command of English and European and communication studies. 


Studies last 4 semesters; the graduates earn an M.A. diploma given by the Faculty of English at Adam Mickiewicz University.



The studies are offered to English philology graduates as well as graduates of other studies who are proficient in spoken and written English (at C1 level).

In the recruitment procedure two elements are of importance (the maximum score one can get is 20 points):   

1. Grade from a B.A. (B.Sc.) diploma

2. An interview in English with a professor who is to advise in the M.A. thesis writing procedure. The interview is to cover broadly the field of a potential M.A. seminar as well as candidate’s interests and motivation to pursue studies in the said program.



The last day of enrollment procedure: 22.09.2016
The last day of payment for the recruitment procedure: 22.09.2016
Full documentation must be submitted between: 01.09.-23.09.2016

Interview with advisor(s): 24.09.2016

More information:

Sylwia Cor, phone: +48 61 829 6814