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Course schedule, Examples of mandatory courses and of elective courses

The study programme is based on the gradual acquisition of language competencies. The first two semesters focus primarily on intensive learning of the Polish language. During consecutive semesters, students improve their Polish language skills and extend their knowledge about Polish literature, history, and translation of various texts. Students can choose from among a number of extra -curricular classes and improve their knowledge of English or German during language classes at Collegium Polonicum AMU, additional language classes, including German language courses at the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt.

Examples of mandatory courses and of elective courses:

Examples of mandatory courses: Examples of elective courses:
  • Practical Polish language skills
  • Polish literature
  • Polish history with elements of arts history
  • Media about Poland
  • Foreign language in humanities
  • German or English language course (from A2)
  • Translation: theory and practice
  • “Classic” literary products of the Polish culture after 1945.
    Literature, film, music, multimedia
  • Poetry aloud
  • Temple of Arts. Principal museums in Poland and their collections
  • Polish cities and their history
  • Polish-German cultural relations
  • Translation Workshop
  • Social-political landscape of contemporary Poland
  • Contemporary literary life