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Polish Studies

Polish Studies

Course of Studies of the Adam-Mickiewicz-Universität Poznań (AMU) and the European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder) (EUV)

 at Collegium Polonicum in Słubice



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General information: The course Polish Studies is a programme of the first degree with general academic profile. The course of studies takes 3 years (6 semesters).


Aims of the programme:

  • Acquiring knowledge of the Polish language at an advanced level;
  • Acquiring knowledge of Poland, in particular of Polish literature, history and culture;
  • Advanced training of the second foreign language (German language for those who are interested in the EUV diploma)

Classes will be taught by lecturers of AMU and EUV on the premises of the Collegium Polonicum in Słubice. Selected classes might be held at the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder) or on the premises of AMU.



The programme Polish Studies is aimed at candidates who either do not have Polish citizenship or who are Polish citizens living abroad and have no or very little knowledge of the Polish language. Application for the first year of studies is effected by submitting the necessary documents required at AMU. Restricted access, Numerus Clausus applies.

The deadline for applications is 8 October 2020 (,471).

Candidates are required to upload all necessary documents to the Online Admission System:

  • a personal photo file, used to generate the personal record;
  • a scan of the Matura/A-level certificate;
  • a scan of the foreign document, which is legalized or accompanied by an apostille, entitling the candidate to take up higher education studies in the country where the document was issued
  • a scan of the translation of said document into Polish, performed by a sworn translator entered into the list of sworn translators maintained by the Polish Minister of Justice or certified by a Polish consul in the country where the document was issued;
  • a certificate of recognition of a foreign certificate as equivalent to the Polish Matura certificate issued by a competent Board of Education – if the foreign certificate is not recognized by virtue of law or under international agreement as a document entitling the candidate to commence higher education studies in Poland;
  • a scan of a document confirming the entitlement to study tuition-free – applies to foreign students;
  • a scan of a statement of informed assent by a statutory representative - applies to candidates under the age of 18.


Students who have been admitted to the course Polish studies at AMU can also enroll at EUV if they meet the requirements for German language skills and other requirements according to EUV regulations, however, not before the start of the fifth semester. Graduates enrolled at both universities therefore receive two final certificates – that of AMU and that of EUV after fulfilling all necessary requirements listed in the study programme.


Attention! In the academic year 2020/2021 the first semester can be completed by distance learning, should problems arise regarding the acquisition of a visa for candidates of the course Polish Studies.


Course schedule

The study programme is based on the gradual acquisition of language competencies. Before the start of the course, students-to-be will receive the necessary materials in order to achieve the language level A1 on their own.

The first semester is dedicated to the intensive study of the Polish language. Students also focus on the second foreign language and on an introduction to literary studies. In the next stage of their studies, students enhance their command of the Polish language, broaden their knowledge of Polish literature, the history of Poland, the translation of texts, and consolidate the scientific methods every humanist should be familiar with. This will be facilitated by modern methods and approaches (several subjects are characterized by the use of project work und multimedia presentations that are developed by the students independently).


Why us?

  • We have competent and experienced academic staff at two universities (AMU and EUV);
  • We offer you the opportunity to receive two final certificates (AMU and EUV);
  • At our university you have the chance to apply for a “Sozialstipendium” (a grant to help students in need), a scholarship granted by the chancellor after the first year of studies or a year abroad for students of AMU and Erasmus students;
  • We offer classes in the modern building of Collegium Polonicum, where auditoriums are well equipped including WI-FI, air conditioning and the possibility to work in interpretation booths;
  • We offer a higher number of foreign language classes (choose between German or English);
  • Students are able to use the collections of two very well-equipped libraries: the library at Collegium Polonicum and the library at EUV in Frankfurt (Oder);
  • Students stay in comfortable student accommodation in Słubice (guaranteed availability for every student;
  • We are located on the German-Polish border and in close proximity to Berlin and Poznań.

Career options:

Graduates of the study programme Polish Studies have a wide range of career options thanks to their language and cultural skills, as, for example, in multimedia companies, publishing or translation businesses, non-governmental organisations and companies in the field of international cooperation. Furthermore, graduates of the study course Polish Studies with general academic profile are in an excellent position to further their studies in the field of humanities, given their extensive training in translation and their academic work methods. 


Examples for mandatory courses:

  • Polish literature
  • History of Poland with elements of art history
  • Polish language lessons
  • Foreign language in Humanities
  • Speech transmission: Theory and Practice

Examples for electives:

  • Temple of Arts: Principal museums in Poland and their collections
  • Polish cities and their stories
  • German-Polish cultural relations
  • Translation workshop
  • Social-political landscape of contemporary Poland
  • The contemporary literary life

Language of instruction: