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Polish Studies for International Students

In the year 2007 the first enrolment took place for an innovative programme, Polish Studies for International Students, aimed  for foreigners who wished to learn the Polish language and encounter the Polish culture. Since that time, over two hundred international students have enrolled on our programme. During the 6 semesters of study the students have an opportunity to develop their command of the Polish language and study Polish history, culture and literature.

The  programme has been designed to bring our graduates up to level C1/C2 in Polish, which also applies to those with no initial knowledge of the language. In their first year of study, under the guidance of experienced teachers of Polish as a foreign language, our students take an intensive language course in order to be able to immerse in the Polish culture and develop their skills and abilities in the following years. Our programme encompasses courses ranging from the history of Polish literature and language, literature studies and linguistics,  Polish as a foreign language, introduction to translation studies and methodology of teaching Polish as a foreign language. The courses are taught by experienced lecturers and language teachers  from the Institute of Polish Philology of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, who also offer our students a range of optional courses well suited to their individual needs and interests (e.g. intercultural communication, language aggression, journalism and theatre workshops, film studies). By attending the language classes, tutorials and lectures, our students acquire the communication skills in Polish and another foreign language necessary to continue their studies at Polish and German universities, both during student exchange programmes and master studies.