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List of journals and magazines in the CP Library

Journals and magazines


Online catalogues

OPAC Viadrina

UAM catalogue

NUKat (National Universal Central Catalogue)

KARO catalogue (collective catalogue of Polish libraries)

KOBV catalogue (collective catalogue of Brandenburg and Berlin libraries)


Online databases

Polish National Library databases

Polish Literary Bibliography (1989-1993)

Bases of the Sejm Library

Full text database of electronic magazines (service in German)


Legal information systems

In the library there is a stand for the LEX Omega Legal Information System. The database is updated monthly. In 2006, the Polish Legal Bibliography of the Polish Academy of Sciences (INP PAN) was additionally purchased and updated on a quarterly basis. It contains over 230,000 bibliographic notes from 1978 - 2010.



Access to the archives is opened by a person on duty at the library counter

'Gazeta Wyborcza' archive