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From January 2020 Collegium Polonicum Library has the status of an affiliated library with FamilySearch, an American organisation dedicated to making billions of genealogical data freely available to users worldwide. Collegium Polonicum has thus joined some 800 public libraries around the world that offer their users extended access to the metric data collected by FamilySearch and is the first such library in Central and Eastern Europe.

Thanks to this affiliation, users of the Collegium Polonicum Library gain an easy access to digital metric books from Poland, Germany and other countries of the world, and in particular to many reserved collections which cannot be used on home computers. Genealogists and other interested persons can use the FamilySearch database on as many as forty computers in the reading rooms of the Collegium Polonicum Library.

Those interested in using the FamilySearch database in the Collegium Polonicum Library can do so during its opening hours, without prior notification. Visitors who plan to carry out a few days' query can use the accommodation of Student Dorms in Słubice.

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