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Do I have to sign up for the library to use it?

You need to sign up (create an account) to borrow books. Using books, magazines and other materials on site does not require a library account.

I do not study at Collegium Polonicum or at Viadrina University. Can I use the CP Library?

Yes. The library is open to everyone.

Is it possible to borrow a book with a red dot?


In the catalogue there is information that the book is available, but it's not on the shelf.

If a book in the catalogue has the status "ausleihbar" or "nicht ausleihbar" (not for rent), its absence on the shelf may mean that it has not been properly put in place. We appeal to those who use our collections on site to put the books back where they were taken from.

Can I enter the reading room with my luggage and in my jacket?

No, you cannot. Before entering, use the lockers in the cloakroom. You must have your own padlock. In exceptional cases, you can borrow a padlock at the library counter with a deposit. You can bring your own belongings into the reading room in transparent plastic bags. We suggest using the baskets available next to the counter.

Can a laptop be brought into the library?

Yes, but the bag must be left in the cloakroom unless it is transparent.

Where can I find such a massive blue book on the European Union?

There are three options:

1. If you have a lot of time: go between the shelves and look for blue books in political or legal departments, for example. The plus of this solution: you can find a completely different and no less interesting book. The downside: despite a large time investment, there is no guarantee that the right book will be found.

2. The library organises thematic or occasional book exhibitions. You can wait until it is time for an exhibition of books with blue covers and/or books about the European Union.

3. The simplest way: you can use the OPAC CP catalogue available from any computer with Internet access or ask for information from the person on duty at the counter.

If the author is not known, it is advisable to use the "Freie Suche" function and enter the word "union" and "European" separately in the search engine windows. You will see a list of books with signatures and a basic bibliographic description. Unfortunately, there is no information about the cover colour.

Can I bring my own books into the library?

Yes, but you should report it to the person on duty.