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Digital copy order

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In view of the exceptional epidemic situation, digital copies of unlendable materials can be ordered from the resources of the Collegium Polonicum Library.

  • We accept orders at:
  • The application should contain full bibliographic data of a fragment of a book, an article from a magazine and a signature in the online catalogue of the Collegium Polonicum Library
  • We do not copy whole books
  • Before sending the order, please check access to the publication in public digital resources
  • Orders will be fulfilled during openig hours and in the order of submission 

The library reserves the right to refuse to fulfill an order if it is illegal, is to be used for commercial purposes, or exceeds the technical capabilities.

We would like to remind you of the rules of using copyrighted works in accordance with permitted personal (private) use. Article 23 of the Act of 4 February 1994 on copyright and related rights.

1.     Without the author's permission, it is allowed to use a work already distributed free of charge within the scope of own personal use. This provision does not authorize to build according to someone else's architectural and architectural-urbanistic work and to use electronic databases that meet the features of the work, unless it concerns own scientific use not related to commercial purposes.

2.     The scope of personal use includes the use of single copies of the work by a circle of persons having a personal relationship, in particular kinship, affinity or social relationship.