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Renting is possible after opening an account. In order to set up an account, user needs to fill in the form and pay the fee for the current academic year in the amount of PLN 5. User also needs an identity document and a student ID card (for students). The account is set up at the latest on the day after the application is submitted.

After about 2 weeks a library card is issued. Until then, and under special circumstances, loans are made on the basis of an identity document.

Students at Collegium Polonicum and Viadrina, academics and staff of CP and EUV, as well as students and staff of the University High School can borrow up to 20 books for 4 weeks with the possibility of three extensions. People from outside the university can borrow up to 10 books for 2 weeks with the possibility of a single extension.

 We do not lend:

  • books marked with a red dot on their spine: dictionaries, encyclopedias, atlases etc.
  • magazines
  • collections in workbooks
  • books belonging to the semester reserves
  • special collections: audio and video cassettes, DVDs
  • maps, photographs, books published before 1945

Consequences of book detention

For each commenced business day after the return date, an amount of PLN 1 is charged on each item.

Students and employees of CP and EUV have the opportunity to order books from the University Library of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. Basic bibliographic information (author(s), title, place and year of publication) should be sent via e-mail to The order takes about two weeks. The books can only be used on the spot for a maximum of 4 weeks (the deadline is set individually by BUAM).

A scholar’s collection is a collection of books, cassettes or discs lent to CP, EUV and ULO staff for a minimum of one year. The collection should contain the materials needed to conduct classes in a given semester or for scientific work.

To create a scholar’s collection, fill in the form available at the library counter, then select the books to be included in the collection.

Items borrowed for the collection must not leave the university building and should be made available to other users if necessary.

Application for the establishment of a scholar’s collection

Contact: Joanna Kietlińska


tel. +48 61 829 67 56

The library has several publicly accessible computer workstations with text editors and Internet access. The computers and the projector can also be used in the multimedia centre. On the second floor, next to the counter, there is a stand for the LEX Legal Information System. The library catalogue is available from any computer.

It is possible to print documents from all computer stations in the library. Printing one A4 page costs PLN 0.20 for black and white printing and PLN 3 for colour printing. For colour printouts there is a stand next to the counter.

On the second floor of the library there is a self-service photocopier (1 copy A4 - PLN 0.20; A3 - PLN 0.40) and two self-service scanners: a scanner connected to a computer (allowing for black-and-white or colour scans of maximum A4 size) and a specialistic fast scanner for books recording scans in TIF/JPG/PDF formats on flash drives or memory cards (scans up to A2 size, only black-and-white, without the possibility of saving on a computer). The use of the scanners is free of charge, however it requires own data carriers.

Registered users have the right to use carrels for individual work. A register of carrel users is kept at the library counter. Carrels can be booked if necessary. The keys to the carrels can be taken at the library counter half an hour after opening the library; the key should be returned at least half an hour before library closing.

The library users have the opportunity to check their account balance, extend the return periods and book borrowed books online. This can be done from the OPAC CP website. The account is in German.

In the first field (Kennung) you have to enter the library card number, and in the second field (Kennwort), at the first login the date of birth in the format: ddmmrr (day, month, year), without separators, e.g. 090686. At the first login you will automatically be asked to set a new password.

The staff and students of Collegium Polonicum and Viadrina can use wireless internet access in the library. More information here.

The academic staff of the CP, UAM, EUV and ULO can put together for teaching purposes the media available in the reading room from the different departments for the students and the pupils taking part in the classes. Such a book collection is called a semester reserve. The media is rented for one semester (unless the teacher specifies another date) on a specially created account and is only available on site (cannot be rented). Teachers can include their own materials in the collection.

The Collegium Polonicum library invites all those willing to leave books that the current owners do not need and do not want to throw away on a specially designed shelf.  We hope that the books released in this way will find a new home. The library is not an intermediary in the exchange. We invite you to share the books!