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The first Wikipedia Monument in the world

Wikipedia is the greatest of all co-operative projects ever created by people. Since it was launched 14 years ago, thousands of anonymous contributors have edited 30 million articles in 280 languages, which now constitute a compendium of human knowledge. The Polish editors  have been among the most active Wikipedia contributors from the very beginning of the project.

Tomasz Ciszewicz, the mayor of the smallest university town in Poland – Słubice, boarder town to Germany– decided to pay homage to the Wikipedia editors by creating a monument. The founding father of the idea is dr Krzysztof Wojciechowski, the director of Collegium Polonicum. The monument has been designed by Mihran Hakobyan, an Armenian sculptor. The guests invited to the unveiling ceremony will include the representatives of the Wikimedia Foundation Poland from Łódź, Wikimedia Deutschland and the Wikimedia Foundation from San Francisco, the institutions supervising the national editions of Wikipedia..

The monument has been wholly funded by the Town Hall of Słubice by the sum of 62.000 Zloty (27.000 USD).


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