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Master of Digital Entrepreneurship (MoDE)

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The Master of Digital Entrepreneurship (MoDE) is an innovative German-Polish double degree program focusing on digitalization from the perspectives of law, economics, social sciences and computer sciences. It is offered by the European New School of Digital Studies (ENS) - an international teaching and research institution based at the German-Polish border. The MoDE is a joint academic project of the European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder) and the Adam Mickiewicz University Poznań. The four-semester master program is completely in English and will introduce you to the fundamentals of digitalization, including practical skills in project management and business. As a graduate of the MoDE, you will have a firm foundation in ethics and the know-how to organize, plan and run a business, both profit and non-profit. You will know how to analyze markets and how to establish an economically sustainable unit that integrates the promises of democracy and human rights with digital technologies.

Application period: 1 – 31 May

More information on the application procedure and requirements can be found here