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Polish Studies is the first degree course of a general academic profile. The course takes 3 years (6 semesters) and it is addressed to all people interested in perfecting their Polish language skills and developing knowledge about Polish literature and history. Polish Studies is a course jointly implemented by the Adam Mickiewicz University Poznań (AMU) and European University Viadrina
Frankfurt (EUV). The enrolment starts with AMU, where students continue the course from the first semester. Students of Polish Studies at AMU may also receive the diploma of EUV, provided they meet requirements set by EUV, such as the command of the German language and other obligations specified in university regulations
Students need to comply with the requirements before the start of the fifth semester at the latest. Graduates who meet obligations set by the syllabus will be awarded two diplomas (AMU and EUV). Classes specified by the programme are taught by professional and experienced members of the scientific and teaching staff from the two universities. Resources of the Collegium Polonicum Library and the European University Viadrina Library provide full access to the literature necessary to meet requirements of the Polish Studies course.

Students are exempt from tuition fees.


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